Sunday, August 24, 2003

Wow, what a gorgeous day! Not only was the humidity low for the first time in weeks, but we had fair-weather cumulus cloudsfor the first time in eons.

Mark and I went with the rest of the PPPC board to fill out new signature cards at the bank this afternoon. Later, we met Joe M, Bob, Karla, and Al for dinner. Later still, at Karla and Al's, we made plans to go see Big River in NYC on the 13th of September. Front row center seats for the matinee show, I couldn't believe it! I'm looking forward to seeing this production because it's done in both sign language AND English together... all the people on the stage are signing, it's not like there are two interpreters off to the side signing. I've read about this particular method of putting on a signed/spoken performance, and it sounds amazing to watch.

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