Friday, August 29, 2003

So far, the nominee for the Harridan of the Day is a person that I'm quite thankful to say I didn't call. I was going through the list of service orders that need to be reschduled, when I encountered one that some other luckless person had the misfortune of having called. Among the highlights (or lowlights) of that phone conversation that were listed in the messages screen were the fact that the customer became irate and verbally abusive, and declared that she "is going to call the news on you people".

How charming. What a way for that other calling-center employee to begin their day.

At the moment, I'm eating lunch and wondering if Mother Nature is going to cooperate with me by raining, at some time other than tonight's rush hour, so that the "I parked under a tree" residue will be rinsed off my car. I would really like to see Mother Nature rectify this problem, since she is the one that caused the mess in the first place. ;o)

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