Monday, August 18, 2003

I'm happy to report that the Harridan of the Day award for Monday went unclaimed.

Man, are my eyes tired. First I spent all day staring at a computer terminal. Then, I came home and finished up the minutes for tomorrow night's PPPC general meeting. (Mark and I went to West Chester yesterday, and I spent the entire trip out there typing the first half of the minutes on the handheld. If it hadn't been too dark to read the outline I printed, I'd have spent the trip HOME typing the second half.)

So now, of course, what am I doing? Resting my eyes? Naaah. I'm logged on to check e-mail and message boards, of course... I have no internet access during the day, so I'm playing catchup now.

But what I had better do soon is catch up on SLEEP. This leaving the house at 7 AM is for the birds, but if I leave any later than that, I start running into nasty traffic. I wish this job's hours were 9-5 instead of 8-5... on the other hand, I can just imagine what the traffic would be like if I left the house an hour later. Maybe I'm better off leaving the house at the crack of dawn after all.

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