Friday, August 15, 2003

Some observations on this assignment, outside of the rant-mode post I put in yesterday...

It's possible that the reason for this is that multiple people use these desks during the course of the day, because the Nameless Nationwide Department Store's routing center operates with multiple shifts during the day. However, it crossed my mind on my second day here that there are NO desks with any kind of personal decorations whatsoever. No pictures, no mugs, no calendars (beyond the standard-issue desk calendar, speaking of which mine appears to have gone missing after I left last night). Not one single thing sits on any person's desk to mark that spot as a person's 8-hour "home away from home". It's a little odd; I've never been in a workplace where thenonly decorations are furnished by the company. Case in point, there's a framed print on the wall that reads, "ADVERSITY: anyone can take the helm when the sea is calm". The first time I saw THAT after my first Encounter with a Harridan, I realized WHY someone from the company had decided that would be a good slogan to post in this office.

Speaking of which... it's my lunch break and I'm pleased to report that the first half of my day has been harridan-free. Here's hoping that my post-lunch work time will be similarly peaceful.
Afternoon break and still no harridans... knock wood! Maybe I can have peace and quiet for the rest of the day, and just get my job done like a normal person.

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