Monday, August 25, 2003

Another day, another Kiwi Teawi from the grocery store that's near the building where I work. I got hung up on yet again between my morning break and lunchtime, btw. Geesh, is this "National Grouch Day" or something? 'Cause if it is, I missed the memo.

OK, so on to my fun day *yesterday*. The Flyers/Phantoms had that charity softball game in Bellmawr. Mark and I arrived early and brought the folding loveseat, so we were able to pick out a nice spot by the fence near home plate. Chain-link fences are all right, as long as I'm close enough to be able to put the camera lens through it when I want to take a photo.

The Flyers didn't win, but they made a strong showing (falling 25-21 to the Creato Southpaws, an all left-handed team). It was nice to see some more of our boys again for the first time since last April, including Pete Vandermeer who arrived from Alberta within the past few days. but the highlight of the day was getting John LeClair to pose with his fellow #10, Hat Trick. :o) The pic is a riot -- John is trying SO hard not to crack up laughing. Hey, at least I broke up the monotony for him -- he was spending the rest of his time on the bench signing stuff. At least his writing hand got a rest for a few moments. ;o)
I'm convinced, after this afternoon, that the managers in this calling center completely understand that the people who perform my job function can come down with a severe case of Frazzled Nerves. I had some questions about how to handle certain problems that might crop up during a call, and they were extremely patient and answered in detail. And, I hasten to add, took a LOT more time doing so than I expected... but this was a Day From Hades anyway, and the break from using the phone did me good. I really hit the jackpot with obnoxious customers today... four hangups by lunchtime, and then TWO of them had the audacity to lie to customer service about what I said to them...! Their noses should grow like Pinocchio's, it would serve them right. Fortunately, customer service is used to this. It turns out that most people don't have the nerve to admit that they hung up on the person who was trying to reschedule their repair. Customer service has seen it all... and if anything, their job is even tougher than mine. They KNOW the customer is irate, and they have to call the person anyway. UGH.

Thank God yesterday was a nice day. At least I walked INTO this aggravating day with a good disposition. I hope to heck tomorrow is better. Of course, given the way this day went, it'd almost HAVE to be an improvement over today.

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