Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Funniest repair request I've seen so far: "TV/VCR combo. DVD jammed in unit".

Another day, another desk. People who work here are on varying schedules -- many of them work on Saturday and have a weekday off. I've been shifting from one desk to another, depending on whose desk is empty on any given day. I'm kind of glad today is overcast... this time last week, the desk I'm using had sunlight shining directly onto the PC screen, and MAN was it ever hard to read.

Now if it'd just rain this afternoon, and wash some of the "I parked under a tree" residue from my car, I'll be glad. ;o) It's welcome to clear back up in time for the Flyers/Phantoms softball game, mind you -- just as long as Mother Nature gives my car a nice rinse today, I'll be satisfied.

Speaking of rinse... Mark got a laugh when I refilled my Super Soaker last night. I've had it in my trunk for years, to rinse the car windows off when Windex alone isn't enough.
So much for the softball game in Voorhees tonight... it started raining just as I got home. Last time I went to a game even though it was raining, the game was called off. I'm too tired to drive to NJ for no reason, so I came home instead.

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