Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Lunchtime. I just bought a bottle of Snapple. I figured a flavor named "Kiwi Teawi" was something that was definitely worth trying. :o)

If your local store has this flavor, take a good look at the label. I did, and I started laughing out loud right there in the aisle. Under the "Kiwi Teawi", in small print, it has the words "from Down Under!", and under THAT, the SNAPPLE logo is printed upside-down...! LOL!

In the bottlecap, I found Real Fact #143: " 'Q' is the only letter in the alphabet not appering in the name of any US state." So there you go -- you and I are both that much better prepared to play games like Trivial Pursuit. :o)

"Kiwi Teawi"... heeheehee-wi! I love that name! (The flavor was pretty darn good, too!)
Afternoon break. I got to do messages from 1PM through 3PM. Unfortunately, when I'm done this break I get to to carryovers. OOOOO, but people hate finding out that the tech has to reschdule their appointment... Oh, well. A two-hour reprieve from calling people and being the bearer of bad tidings is better than no reprieve at all.
Work is done. It was a relatively peaceful afternoon... I didn't make any calls to anyone who put the "cuss" in "customer". ;o)

This evening was even more fun... the Flyers/Phantoms softball team played the Mt. Ephraim/Gloucester County (NJ) police and fire department softball team. It was a charity event to raise money in memory of three local firefighters who died in July 2002 fighting a fire in a house that collapsed. :o( A good time was had by all, and I think Keith Jones (former Flyer, current Comcast Sportsnet hockey analyst, and the game's announcer) tacked on a few extra runs here and there to help the police/fire department catch up. Mark and I arrived in the second inning or so, and the Flyers/Phantoms team was already waaaay ahead. The first person we saw was Neil Little, signing for kids while he waited for his turn at bat. I asked him what the score was, and he didn't know. LOL... so we headed over a bit closer to the ballfield, and found someone who knew that it was the second inning, and the Flyers were ahead something like 12-3. I wound up standing behind the barrier that was behind Keith Jones, since that was a good vantage point to see the field AND to get pics of any players who might have been nearby signing for kids. A couple of innings later, the Flyers were ahead 20-6. Keith Jones took it on himself to announce that the score was 20-10. LOL.

The final score was Flyers 24, Police/Fire team 23, though I'm not sure how many of those 23 runs were tallied by Keith Jones's creative arithmetic. ;o) But money was raised for a worthy cause, and everyone had fun, so it's all good.

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