Sunday, August 03, 2003

Well, midnight has come and gone, and your guess is as good as mine if Verizon is on strike. Mark was expecting his supervisor to call late on Saturday night with information, but he hasn't called yet and it's now 1:17 in the morning.

If there is a strike, Mark has to arrive at work at 5(!!!!) o'clock in the morning on Monday. UGH. They're trying to get the management (who are non-union) into the building before the picket lines start forming and the entrances become blocked. Eventually a court injunction would arrive so that the people who work in the building would be allowed in, but that takes time.

If there is a strike, Mark will be working 12-hour days, six days per week until it's over. Whew.

That's why I'm glad Mark and I are doing some things together this weekend. For starters, we went to the Phillies doubleheader tonight. San Diego won the first game, the Phillies won the second. Highlights included Hat Trick's posing for a picture with the Wolf Pack (the fan group that supports our pitcher Randy Wolf and has been to every home game where he's pitched), and a sighting of a rainbow that I got some pics of, too.

This is "Wacky Promotions Weekend" at the Vet, and during the break between games, three people were shot out of cannons. They were a father and his son and daughter. They're all nuts, lol. I got MPEG files of all three of them; unfortunately, I haven't got a convenient place to upload MPEG files online right now, so I can't provide a link to them. Yet. Give me time. ;o)

Tomorrow (well, later today, actually), if the weather holds out, we want to go to the German Festival at Penn's Landing. Hat Trick will like that, I'm sure. ;o)

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