Saturday, August 16, 2003

Mark and Hat Trick and I went to the Phillies Photo Night tonight. It was originally scheduled for June 7, the same day as the Belmont Stakes. However, the weather was as horrid down here as it was in NY, and the game was rained out. Photo Night was rescheduled for tonight, and THIS time we were able to go.

It was set up a bit different than I'd hoped. The fans were standing around the field (and short people like me had one heck of a time getting a decent line of sight), and the players were walking around. ARGH. I was hoping it would be like the Phantoms STH Meet and Greet, where the guys sit at tables and the fans walk through. No such luck. Instead, the fans stood in one place and the players walked around. So some of my pics came goofed up, some players I missed entirely since they walked through before Mark and I got to the field, and some shots came out A-OK. Thank goodness the one I got of Pat Burrell, my pet Phillie, came out good. I dote on that guy. Even if he DID buy into that odd fake-blonde hair color thing that's sweeping through major league baseball at the moment. Argh on shocking fake-blonde-color hair. Unfortunately, Pat broke out of a long hitting slump right after he bleached his hair, so I fear we'll be seeing this hair color on him for a while yet. YAY on the breaking-the-slump part, but OH DEAR on the keeping-that-frightful-hair-color issue. ;o)

It was nice to see the Phillies come back and win tonight. We've had some issues with scoring lately, so for us to get back-to-back homers and win the game was a Nice Thing. We won 5-4.

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