Wednesday, February 27, 2008

That was quick. I've had to rearrange my SuperShuttle reservation already. Actually, what I did was cancel the return trip to the airport, as we're now going to be attending a talk on Saturday morning on technology and the deaf-blind. (Figures that they'd schedule that particular topic for the final day of the conference, grrrr...)

Long story short: instead of leaving from KC's to go directly to the airport, now we'll be attending the talk on Saturday morning and I will be able to get a shuttle from the hotel (where the talk will be) to the airport. LA's version of paratransit is, allegedly, not over-fond of having people carry luggage onto a ride, but OH WELL. This one time, when KC and I travel to the conference from her apartment and my next destination will be the airport, I'll have no choice but to bring a suitcase. Such is life.

I'm psyched about this conference. :)

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