Saturday, February 16, 2008

OK, 'splain this to me.

We got this remote for my father-in-law for his birthday.

As you can see, the remote control itself is humongous.

So WHY is the print in the instruction manual so freaking miniscule that you need to use an electron microscope to read it? Good GRIEF! If the font had been any tinier, the entire instruction booklet could have been printed on the head of a pin. It's ridiculous.

Of course, that's no more ridiculous than the time when we tried out KC's brand-new braille compass and discovered that the only instructions enclosed in the package were in print. Um, hello? Did I mention that it's a BRAILLE compass? Ya think maybe the person who just purchased it is BLIND and would need the instructions to also be in braille? BTW, *that* instruction pamphlet was printed in a miniscule font, too. Someone needs to explain to that manufacturer that "equal accessibility for all" does NOT mean that they should be producing instruction pamphlets that are equally illegible to the blind AND the sighted.

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markmhere said...

It finally works ! Now I can control the world with it ! Love Mark