Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Hospitals. I haven't spent this much time in them or thinking about them since Joan was alive.There were a few weeks when she was in the cardiac unit after bypass surgery, and a few floors down one of our friends from prayer meeting, JV, was being treated in the oncology unit. :( For at least a month, the Joes (Joe M. and Joey D.) and I would spend Saturday afternoons visiting them both. Plus, on Joan's no-dialysis days, Joe M. and I had a schedule going where he'd visit Joan in the afternoon, and then go to night classes, and I would stop by and see her after work.

Now it's my mother-in-law who is still in the rehab facility after spending nearly a week in a hospital. She is still getting physical therapy but unfortunately, there has not been improvement in her condiiton; she still can't use her leg.

Also, Joe M's and my friend FD, whom I posted about a couple weeks ago when she was diagnosed with cancer, is apparently receiving inpatient treatment at the moment including chemo and radiation. We haven't been able to visit her yet, but we'd like to when she's up to having a visit. I hope she'll soon be well enough to resume ouptatient treatment, but if a visit means a hospital visit, then that's what we'll do.

And soon, probably in the next week or two, Joe J. will spend three days in an infusion center getting IV meds for the unspeakably bad chronic headaches that have plagued him for 7 months. Getting there via SEPTA will be easy, so I told them I'd make my way up there while he's getting the treatment.

I hope I'm reporting good news about all these people ASAP. They all deserve good things to happen for them. In the meantime, would everyone ELSE I know please stay hale and hearty and in one piece? Thank you for your cooperation.

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