Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Boy, today has been one for the books.

It started when I found out that the Phantom whom I am making the Phan Club scrapbook for is going to the San Jose Sharks. I learned this from a fellow fan, whose ticket agent called him. I couldn't find confirmation online, but I did get it verified in a different way. I texted a friend of mine who has known someone else on our roster since his college days. She texted HIM, and his response, regarding his erstwhile teammate, was, "Ya, he's gone now". Arrrrrgh...

So, though I am still awaiting confirmation from any "official" sources like the Phantoms or Sharks sites, I have no reason to doubt the fellow fan and LESS-than-no reason to doubt the friend-of-my-friend. So I have decidedly mixed feelings here.

For Brian Boucher, I'm ecstatic, since he has been a particular favorite of mine since he turned pro ten years ago, because he really does belong on an NHL team and not in the minor leagues. He has been superb for us and he is reaping the benefits of that. GOOD for him.

For the Phantoms, I'm frustrated, because we have had the best goalie tandem in the league all season long, and I was looking forward to a LONG playoff run with Boucher and Munroe as our goalies. Both of them have been outstanding and the Phantoms fan in me is frustrated that we won't see that pair of goalies on our roster in the postseason.

For me, personally, I'm all kinds of aggravated because I really was looking forward to presenting my player with his scrapbook, in person, at the Phan Club banquet. All three years that I've done this, something has come up to prevent me from giving a book to the person I chose at the start of the season. I have had guys sent down to the Phantoms farm team in the ECHL, I have had guys called up to the Flyers (at least that's a happy reason for a player to miss the banquet), I have had players get loaned out to another team, and now this. FARGITY FARG FARG, can't I make ONE scrapbook for a guy I pick, and actually get to hand it to him myself?

Well, anyway... on to the next couple of things.

I got a registered mail package from England. This caught me totally off guard, as I was absolutely NOT expecting anything in the mail from anywhere, let alone registered mail or from another country.

I opened it and laughed my head off. It's mini AM and FM radios I ordered well over a year ago, probably closer to two years ago, and completely forgot about. They were inexpensive, and they were meant to replace a couple of mini radios I had gotten online eons ago that were ruined when they got wet. (Washing machines and mini radios in pants pockets are a bad combination. Just so you know.) I absitively, posolutley, 100% forgot I ever ordered these -- that's how long it's been since I sent the check. (A check, mind you -- who requires payment by checks anymore?) So for them to show up today was a nice little boon.

But these things aren't even the biggest news of the day. I heard from KC. She asked me to interpret for her at an assistive technology convention in March. So I will be in California for a few days in March, seeing all the latest assistive tech. And bet your RUMP I will have a stack of contact cards to hand out because if THESE people can't tell me how to train to be a trainer, no one can.

Oh, and plans are under way to attend the NFB (National Federation of the Blind) convention in Louisville, too. That's around the first week of july; I'll have to have a look at their website for more details.

What a day. And it's not even 4 PM yet. The way things have progressed so far, I can't imagine what's next.

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