Thursday, January 31, 2008

We originally thought that my mother-in-law would go home from the hospital on Wednesday.

No such luck. Instead, on Thursday she's going to transfer to a rehab facility for two days of PT and go home from THERE.

If I understand correctly, there is no MRI scheduled because the medical insurance corporate cheapskates haven't approved it.

My blood is boiling about this. She's been gettng PT for these symptoms for a good 10 months, with no resolution in sight. WTH are two more days' worth of physical therapy going to accomplish? Inpatient or outpatient, I don't see the point of doing more PT without a better understanding of the cause of the problem.

They should just let her have the blankety-blank-blank MRI, and get a better idea of WTH they're trying to treat. Why is this not obvious? If PT were enough to manage the problem, she wouldn't have spent the past three days in the freaking hospital.

Corporate bean counters = pinheads.

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