Monday, January 21, 2008

I have a couple of Velcro Kitties with me on the sofa. The Roomba is running, and when that happens they like to be in one of three situations:

- under the kitchen or dining room table. They know that the Roomba can't get in there, as I've pushed the chairs close together, so they can watch it in peace. (I don't want it to waste battery life navigating its way out of the forest of legs, as it takes a while.)

- Partway up the stairs or perched on the furniture. They know the Roomba stays on the floor, and they can spy on it from above.

- Next to Meowmy. Nothing bad can happen there. :o)

The Kitty Committee has chosen options 2 and 3 together, as they're curled up on the sofa next to me, and each other, taking a nap.

Yesterday, the Phantoms had their annual Photo Night after the game (a win, thank goodness). To my surprise, Jared Ross was out there with all the rest of his teammates, all of four days after having an emergency appendectomy during a road trip to Syracuse. He looked good, and he said he felt well, but I hope to heck he wasn't regretting his participation in the event today. Poor guy, he wanted to at least attend the AHL All-Star events in Binghamton, even if he can't play, as he WOULD have been on team PlanetUSA if his appendix had cooperated. But I heard over the weekend that the doctors have vetoed that idea. Doggone it, I hate seeing someone's hard work and success not getting rewarded. Here's hoping he earns another selection NEXT season and actually gets to participate. He's a good guy, a talented player,and a hard worker. He deserves it.

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