Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Another day, another installment of The Roomba Show to entertain the kitties. The cats must have been reading my blog because in their response to the Roomba today, they proceeded to do exactly the OPPOSITE of what I described in a recent post. Rather than find a safe perch from which to observe, Captain sat out in the open, in the middle of the dining room floor, to watch the robot do its work. The only time he moved to avoid it was when it headed directly for him from about a foot away.

Hmm. Maybe there's something to this. Maybe, instead of reprimanding the cats when they get into a habit of misbehaving, all I have to do is make a general statement on their behavior and let them read the blog post. Then they will behave in a way that's the opposite of whatever I described.

Of course, if the cats see THIS post, instead of changing their behavior, they will probably continue with business as usual because, of course, then they would be doing the OPPOSITE of changng their behavior after I make a generalized statement.

Those cats. I swear, you never know what they'll do next. ;o)

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