Friday, January 04, 2008

I just had a good XO-related chuckle.

On the XO, users can share the programs they are running with other users.

In my Neighborhood, which consists of the users I can communicate with and the Activities (programs or applications) I can join, I saw this:

In particular, note the little graphic in the lower left that looks like a comic strip "talk" balloon. That icon means there is a shared Chat activity that someone has set up. If you have been in any online chat, you have an idea of how the XO Chat works.

Always glad to network with other geeks, I clicked on the Chat activity and said hello.

To my amusement, the response I got was "Talk to you later -- class has resumed". Looks like someone decided to while away the time during a break in class by getting a Chat activity going. That's definitely sometyhing I would have done, had such things existed when I was a student.

More intriguing to me, however, is the fact that this person was typing on their XO *during* class, in order to respond to my greeting. Does that mean he or she is using their XO to take notes during class? That is most assuredly something I would do right now, given the opportunity. I have already used the XO to take meeting minutes in real time, and it performed admirably.

I should go back and ask that person what sort of class it is (HS, college, etc),and how they are using the XO for it. I'm curious about how other people are using their XOs.

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