Monday, January 28, 2008


So here I am, absent-mindedly noodling around on one of the XO's three :) music programs. Tam Tam Mini allows the user to click on any of a LOT of sounds, from various musical instruments to animal and human voices to various noises like a car ignition, a trash can lid, water droplets, etc. I have a few melodies that I can play practically in my sleep, when my goal is to practice a familiar piece of music on an unfamiliar instrument.

As I sit here watching television, only halfway paying attention to what I'm doing with the computer, I abruptly realized that I was playing one of my standard tunes, "When the Saints go Marching In," with a moo cow as my instrument of choice. I've heard of sacred cows before, but this lends that concept an entirely new dimension. So I figured I'd use a different instrument instead.

For what it's worth, the song sounds better being played on the rubber ducky. :)

Captain, who is sitting on the back of the sofa, above my head, and reading over my shoulder, thinks I'm nuts no matter what instrument I'm playing. But he perks up a lot when I play the sparrow sound. :)

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