Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year! I have decided that, as this year is '08, and my online ID has been Gabey*8* for 12 years, that I am going to claim this as MY year. So this is the Year of the Gabey, and you all read it here first. :o)

I am at the Parade, as per my usual New Year's tradition, but OMG what a delay there is! We have had the third string band of the lineup, Greater Overbrook, standing in front of us at Broad and Shunk for nearly an hour. I would love to know what the holdup is -- this is freaking insane.

The parade was delayed 3 hours to allow time for the rain to clear up, which it did. So what is creating the logjam?

FINALLY, the band ahead of this one is moving. They advanced all of a half block, but they moved. We might actually see the FOURTH band perform before 2009 comes in.

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