Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hey, all -- if you wouldn't mind sending some prayers and good thoughts in this general direction, I got some distressing news about an old friend this morning and she could surely use it.

A friend of mine, with whom I went to prayer meetings and played in multiple music ministries, etc, since the late 70s, was recently diagnosed with cervical and bladder cancer. She's only five years older than I am. (Chalk it up to the odd things that a person remembers at a time like this -- I remember that her HS ring, from the same school that I eventually went to, was dated the year before I graduated grade school. Hence, she's five years older.) Joe M., another person who's known FD for at least as many years as I have, called me this morning after she called HIM to break the news.

It really doesn't matter to me that we rarely, if ever, see or hear from FD anymore. This is someone whom I've known almost 30 years. It's also someone who hasn't seen her 50th birthday yet. It's an awful shock to hear that her health is in crisis. :o( According to Joe, the cancer is aggressive and they're treating it aggressively.

At least I know that FD is a strong-willed person, to say the least. If determination is of any use in beating this thing, good, because that's one resource she's got to spare. That, and prayers. Everyone I know is big believers in the power of prayer, hence my request to any readers who see this post for prayers and good thoughts. Every bit helps.


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