Friday, April 20, 2007

So there I was, reviewing craigslist job openings to see what kinds of interesting items are out there.

And I found one that appears to be custom-made for a person like me. Native speakers of English and other languages are to create brief audio files and submit them, along with the matching text, to a particular site. The goal of the site is creating an online tool for teaching languages.

So I submitted an audition file. To hear the audition, once the page loads, click the "play" button (sideways triangle). Creating the file involved reading a minute's worth of text aloud, submitting the audio file with the text, and then running a special program to synchronize the on-screen indicator so that it highlights the word that's being spoken, AS it's being spoken.

It's a pretty freakin' neat process. The geek in me is fascinated by the synchronizing process. I hope I end up in their pool of readers, because it appears to be something that can easily be done during free time. The pay is more likely to be along the lines of "pocket money" than a viable income, but hey -- pocket money is nothing to turn up one's nose at.

So let's see if this actually pans out, or if they're just trying to boost their content with audition files and not actually have to pay anybody. Yeah, that possibility did occur to me, but I figured a few minutes out of my life to create and submit the file was worth the risk.

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