Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Aaaand surprise! My car is back in the shop. [insert list of expletives here]

It refused to start yet again, after I took a run with Joe M. to Snyder Plaza. He took SEPTA home and I called AAA.

However, AAA's ETA was possibly going to have me waiting as long as an hour, so every 5-10 minutes, I tried to start the car again. On one of those attempts, it not only started, but continued running. I cancelled the AAA call and drove the car to the mechanic's shop myself.

I mentioned not only that the car stalled once or twice in the past couple of weeks, but that there was a smell of burnt rubber when I drove to NJ a couple of Saturdays ago.

I suppose if I need to have every part of the car replaced, one by one, over time I'll have a brand-new 18-year-old car. Sigh.

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