Friday, April 27, 2007

It's 4:16 AM. Have you been asleep at any point between sunset yesterday and now? If you answered "Yes", then that makes one of us.

What I found puzzling, at first, is that I haven't even been drowsy yet. Not even a little bit. Zero. Nothing.

It finally dawned on me what the problem is. The decongestant I got from the doctor on Wednesday has sudafed in it. That acts like a stimulant in some people, including me.

I'm supposed to take this stuff every 12 hours. Maybe I can take some non-sudafed, OTC decongestant in the evening instead of the prescription med.

Either that, or maybe after a few days of insomnia, I'll be so freaking tired, I'll fall asleep and it won't matter WHAT the freaking decongestant is.

In the meantime, Animal Planet has interesting programs on.

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