Wednesday, April 25, 2007

On the topic of cars:
Mark brought my car home; they couldn't find any problem with it. *$%@#... Note to self: take no long drives anywhere until this is resolved. Fortunately, I haven't got any pressing reason to drive more than a few miles, nor do I expect to have a reason to drive far in the immediate future.

Also, today is the 10th anniversary of the day Mark bought HIS car.

We're not people who worry about replacing our vehicles every year, can you tell? ;o)

Meanwhile, my visit to the doctor yielded this: my BP is 100/70 (yay! Best reading I've had in months!), I still have a sinus infection, and I still have an ear infection. Result: 5 more days on antibiotics, plus a prescription for a decongestant. I hope to heck THIS works, because I've been battling with these freaking symptoms since we moved to Daylight Saving Time.

There's not a quick fix for the hearing-loss-in-left-ear issue, either. The meds will target the infection, and resolving that is the way to clear up the ear congestion. (Boo! I'd been hoping for an Instant Solution on that front, but no such luck.)

Tomorrow, Mark and I are going to the eye doctor. It's been over two years since our last visit; we're both overdue for this appointment.

That, plus my online job searching, is what's going on here these days. Well, that plus spoiling the cats, that is, but cat spoiling is a 24/7 project around here. ;o)

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