Thursday, April 19, 2007

Now that I've got some free time, I've been looking around online at the various features of myspace. In the process, I've added several acquaintances and friends to my Friends list. I even happened to reconnect with one friend and former AOLer within days of the birth of his second child... how's THAT for good timing? :o)

So if you happen to be on myspace, stop by and send me a "friend" request. The link to my Myspace page is on the left-hand side of this screen.

Interesting little side note: every one of the people/organizations on my Friends list so far has a hockey connection. The one who is The Other Donna is, along with being my longtime friend, a fellow hockey fan. The others are all either people I've met (online or face-to-face) or groups I've joined due to my being a hockey fan. Maybe that will help the onset of the dreaded Hockey Withdrawal Syndrome that always sets in once the Flyers and Phantoms are both finished playing (which they both are).

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