Thursday, April 26, 2007

Nora, the piano playing cat

OMG! How adorable is this? :o) A kitty who plays piano!

In other news, Mark and I had our eye doctor appointment today. There wasn't anything significantly wrong, thank goodness, but we both need to have annual checkups because of family history and/or our own medical history. That's OK, I can live with that.

But doggone, those eyedrops used for the exam (and the blurred vision they cause) are a nuisance. File them under "necessary evil".

I think they should hire me at that doctor's office. I had all kinds of suggestions, such as having the doctors' names embroidered on their lab coats in lines of decreasing-size print, so that it looks like an eye chart. I also took the opportunity to study the 3-d model of an eye that was in the exam room. "I'd better look this over now, while I *don't* have a doctor pointing out something that's wrong. Usually, when your doctor SHOWS you models of a body part, it's because you damaged it somehow." And believe me, after the travail I went through following the knee injury, I know whereof I speak. Or write. Aaah, whatever. ;o) But trust me, when you have a doc presenting you with a model of some sort, the next phrase out of his or her mouth will be pointing out where on that body part your particular affliction is situated. So at least I got to review an eye model today, with no pressure or stress of worrying about anything being wrong. :o)

Then when the doc put on headgear that had a lamp on the front, so he could shine light into my eyes and have both hands free, I pointed out that he was mining for symptoms, and I hoped he didn't find any. And, of course, there were the instructions on where to direct my gaze, while he was shining the light in my eyes. "Down to the left... Down to the right..."

"Isn't that a dance step?" I asked, and sang it back in rhythm. "Down to the left! Down to the right! Jump back three steps..." At this point, the doctor had to turn his head, but I could see him laughing anyway. :o)

Hey, spreading silliness is serious business. SOMEbody has to do it. ;o)

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