Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Well, THAT'S done

Well, THAT decidedly onerous task has been accomplished. In order to get a couple of audio files to the person who needed to hear them, I had to get them onto my computer so I could attach them to an email. I just completed that task.

Unfortunately, those steps involved actually HEARING those audio clips again, and that made me feel sad all over again. So I am working through those emotions. I have decided that for every sad thought that crosses my mind, I will intentionally direct my thoughts to recall a happy memory instead. The unhappy present does not erase the happy past.

So for every "If they be like to die, let them do so at once and decrease the surplus population" memory from the recent past, I will deliberately turn my mind to thoughts of the happy past and Mr. Fezziwig's parties instead. Like the Christmas Eve parties we used to have, where the whole family gathered together and "Santa" would hand out everyone's presents. When I was really young, Santa was Uncle Pat, but I was too young then to pay attention to who else was (and wasn't) in the room, lol. In later years, someone else took over that role. By then, I knew the score, but I thoroughly enjoyed it all anyway.

Nothing, nothing, nothing can take away the good times of the past. No one can steal those things from us. They might try to stand between us and having any MORE good times like those, but they can't ever take away the memories and experiences we already have.

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