Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Been a rough few weeks

I posted a few weeks ago about some serious sadness and disappointment that I was experiencing.

Unfortunately, time has not lessened that feeling. To the point where on Sunday and Monday, I woke up with a migraine. Stress, unfortunately, is my most prominent trigger.

I know exactly what has to happen in order to put the brakes on this symptom. I am not going to let migraines become a regular part of my life. I need to remind myself of a few things. First, I can't change what other people do. I can only control my own behavior. Second, I choose not to give in to hate or bearing grudges. That solves absolutely nothing. If the other party wants to be peaceable, I will be open to that.

But beyond that, I really do have to release the things that are going on internally. Let. It. Go. Two headaches in two days are a big red flag that I need to handle these feelings in a different way. I can't alter the external factors, but I can work on the internal ones.

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