Sunday, December 30, 2012

I Love the Science Channel

I really do love the Science Channel. Oh, if this channel had only existed when I was a kid. I'd never have moved from in front of the TV.

But besides the amazing learning that I'm able to do just by tuning in, I find that the Science Channel is helping me in other, unexpected ways.

They have a few programs that detail how different things are manufactured. Factory Made, How It's Made, and How Do They Do It are all different takes on the same concept. The latter show delves into other topics besides manufacturing and mass production; however, it's still explaining the process by which some complex tasks are accomplished.

And all of these shows seem to help with my creativity. When I watch things being made, I get inspired to create, too. As you can imagine, this has been extremely helpful to me now that I've decided to buckle down and pursue jewelry-making. This is especially true when How It's Made features an artisan who creates things by hand, like pottery or musical instruments. Watching that just makes me want to Make Things Immediately, and this is good. It's therapeutic, and it boosts my Etsy presence. Double win.

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