Wednesday, December 05, 2012

The Critter Wars, lol

Poor Mini the Wee, lol. She got a bit of a comeuppance last night. Captain (18-lb round orange kitty) was on the sofa next to me, and sometimes Mini (6-lb Chihuahua) gets jealous. So she stood in front of the sofa and glared. Then, she started voicing her displeasure. "Rrrr. Rar. RAR AR AR."

Captain glared at her. Last time he looked at her that way, as she barked at him, she got a bop on the head. So I tried to distract her. "Mini. Leave your brother alone." No dice. She was a Chihuahua on a mission. AR AR AR.

Captain jumped down to glare in her face. She was undeterred: AR AR AR. So Captain boxed her ears a few times. BAP BAP BAP. Mini stopped barking, with a bewildered look on her face. The caption for her facial expression should have been, "What just happened here?" She's not used to being stood up to.

Then she started walking away. I picked her up. "See, I told you to leave your brother alone. Just ignore him." I gave her a skritch on the ears, but then also gave Captain a skritch. He was brave to stand his ground. He used to run away from the dog (who's about 1/3 his size).

Today, Mini's stance was, "What orange cat? I don't see any orange cat."

Pets. Sometimes I'm the Meowmy. Sometimes I'm the referee.

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