Friday, December 28, 2012

The studio setup continues

Today's studio work involved demystifying the spaghetti clump that was the power strip. Equipment that no longer is in use has been unplugged and removed.

Regrettably, that includes my first laptop. It has had disk crashes before, and I have always been able to revive it by loading the Windows XP CD. This last crash, however, has led to the machine just being shut off and neglected, as by then I had obtained a newer, non-crash-prone laptop.

I figured that with the renaissance of the computer room as a studio, perhaps I'd like to have a working computer in here. So I fired up the crashed laptop and popped in the Windows XP CD.

Nope. Nada. Dead. Deceased. Pinin' for the Fjords. It's SO crashed, it doesn't even recognize the CD drive. Whoa... now THAT'S a dead computer.

Oh, well. The deceased computer has now been removed from the desk, with many regrets. Thank you for your many years of faithful service, O Computer. If I need to compute while in the studio, I'll bring the iPad in, as I'm doing right now.

I've also set up a radio, a clock, and an environmental sound machine, and there are a couple of goalie pictures that have been in need of hanging for ages, that are going to go up on the wall behind me. Hockey and jewelry making, perfect together. At least, they are in MY world. Besides, they'll nicely match the handprints of Neil Little and Brian Boucher that are posted on the wall in FRONT of me. :) Especially since the two goalie pictures, both items obtained from the auction of the Spectrum's fixtures, are both game photos of Neil Little. If I'm making a space MINE, then putting up Spectrum memorabilia is most certainly the way to go.

I always did feel an affinity for the Spectrum, over and above the fact that my two favorite teams both played there. My very earliest memory involves my standing on the floor of the back seat of my Grandpop's car (this was the early 60s, in the decades before seat belts and car seats), looking at the girder framework of what would become the Spectrum. In the ensuing years, I did the math, and realized that I had to have been two years old when this took place. So when I say my earliest memories involve the Spectrum, I am quite literally telling the truth. As such, I had one extra reason to hate seeing that landmark pass into the mists of history.

But, back to positive thoughts. The one last big thing that needs to happen in here is that we need to find a new place to put the old printer and the old scanner. They're taking up desk space that I would like to use for my work. When I determine a good way to handle those things, and migrate them out of the room, it will be the last big step that needs to be taken, in my quest to studio-ize the room.

My Studio. Yep, I still like the sound of that. :-)

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