Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Hey, I nearly forgot...

My business cards arrived a few days ago! Of course, they arrived the day AFTER I talked to my hairdresser and the lady in the handmade-goods shop about taking my jewelry on consignment, mumble grumble. But I have the cards NOW, so it will be no particular trouble for me to head back out to that neighborhood, cards in hand, and give them out to the people I'd like to sell my jewelry.

I am very glad that I had cards in time for Christmas Eve, so I could give them out to family members. And we have one more family gathering later in the week, at which I have every intention of giving out still more cards. :-) And ditto for the Misfit Toys' upcoming get-together. Gotta start with the family and friends, and then branch out from there.

I made four pendants and a pair of earrings this morning. I try to work daily, and I try to do it as soon as possible after breakfast, before my hands start hurting or my eyes start getting tired and unfocused. (Some aspects of middle age are a downright pain in the rump.) At least I have the Opti-Visor to help with magnifying and illuminating my work, so that counteracts eye fatigue. But unfortunately, the hand pain is another matter, and the only resolution for that is resting my hands. Since inactivity is incompatible with my goal of creating items daily, I have to work around the soreness by doing my creating early in the day.

On my to-do list: turn the former computer room upstairs into my workplace. The dining room table, with its glass top, is not a place that I want to be hammering wire on a metal mandrel. That's got "recipe for disaster" written all over it. But I fully intend to use those new mandrels; therefore, I will be spending some time setting up a hammer-friendly workspace elsewhere. Stay tuned.

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