Friday, December 21, 2012

Thank goodness THAT'S over with

I'm glad to say that my fasting bloodwork is now over with. It's a necessary evil that I strongly wish weren't necessary, but we're all in that age range now where we need to monitor our health more closely. I accept this, even if I don't necessarily LIKE it.

There are two things I loathe about getting this bloodwork done, and fortunately, I've found a resolution for one of them.

For starters, I loathe needles. Unfortunately, there's no solution for THAT except to just groan and bear it. Fortunately, it doesn't hurt much, so I just acknowledge, "Yes, I am dealing with phobia issues regarding needles" and just go through with having it done anyway.

The other thing is that, because there's a urinalysis being done as well, I have to provide a sample. At first, I used to have to hold it in from the time I got up until the time I got to the doctor's office. Oh, how I hated that, because of course I'd end up hitting every freaking red light and taking forever to find a parking place, delaying the time when I could finally get into the doctor's office and get some relief from that "gotta go" feeling. I'm glad to say that there IS a solution for that. I now get a sterile cup in advance, to take home until such time as I'm getting the test done. So now, I can take care of providing that sample when I get up, and I don't have to be stuck driving to the doctor's office in a state of discomfort and misery. I give them my full sample cup and get an empty replacement at the same time, for my NEXT test that will happen in a few months' time.

So I'm glad to say that my necessary-evil experience has been taken care of for the next few months. Now if I can just find a way to do this without getting stuck by a needle...

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