Friday, December 21, 2012

Oh, by the way...

By the way, it seems like having sent those audio-file emails, and knowing that I'm "done" with that aspect of the situation that has made me sad, has really helped me LET GO of it and move forward. I'm still disappointed in the course of events, but I'm able to look at everything with new eyes and take a constructive outlook instead of a depressed one.

Here's the deal. I'm here. I haven't changed, and neither has my contact information. I'm not going to be hostile or rejecting to anybody, no matter who it is, if they should reach out to me in a peaceable fashion. I haven't been hostile OR rejecting yet, and I'm not about to start now. Whatever I've said or done so far has been accomplished in a civil fashion, and *my* side of all communications will remain that way. That is the only part of this situation that I have any command or control over, and I am going to be open, honest, fair, and non-toxic.

I'm pretty much a "what you see is what you get" person. I don't post my ENTIRE life's story on the internet, but what you see in this blog is as true as I can make it. If I say something happened, then it did. If I say I hold Opinion X, then that's where I stand. The same goes for my Twitter and Facebook posting -- if I write it, I mean it. And rest assured, I handle my face-to-face communications the same way. I will never tell someone an opinion that ISN'T what I think, nor describe an event that didn't take place.

And where I stand right now is disappointed in a recent sequence of events, but still wishing for the well-being of all involved. If they didn't matter to me, I wouldn't be disappointed; I would be apathetic instead. I am NOT apathetic about this issue, nor about any people involved.

But at least the disappointment isn't leading to depression anymore. I seem to have mostly processed that and moved foward in the direction of acceptance, the final stage of grief. That's progress.

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