Saturday, November 27, 2010

The latest

Just a quick update... I've spent a relatively uneventful week recovering at home, which is a good thing. We went to JFM's for Thanksgiving dinner, which was very nice. That was my first time out of the house since coming home from the hospital.

I've been trying to balance activity with rest. I've learned my limit at least once by overdoing it. I sat up all day Tuesday, the week anniversary of the surgery, and was in pain on Tuesday night as a result. So I decided I'd wait a while before having another "sit up all day" session. I'll be able to do that eventually, but it seems that last Tuesday was not the day to try it.

Overall, though, on Thanksgiving I gave thanks for still being here. Things could easily have gone the wrong way medically, the night of the surgery. The nurse who came in to check on me was just ending her shift, but she had a sense that something was wrong and instead of just blowing it off and going home, she followed up on it. If she hadn't done that, I probably wouldn't be here now.

But, thank God, she DID stop in and discover I was unresponsive, she started the emergency procedures in motion, and the treatments were effective. So that was one big bullet dodged.

Fortunately, the biggest thing I am dodging these days is the attempts of Captain to curl up on my tummy. It was his favorite thing to do, pre-surgery, but my incision is not yet ready for 13 lbs of purring tabby to nap on it. So every time he tries to walk on me, I move him bodily so he's lying next to me. He's none too pleased about it, but my hope is that I'll have a kitty-ready tummy before long.

The Critterfest is happy to have Mom home. I can always count on having at least one furball nearby. Well, I could normally count on having a furball or three in the vicinity before the surgery, too, but in the aftermath of my absence, they seem to be more determined to Park Near Mom.

Anyway, I have no problem in saying that overall, it's been uneventful around here. I've had enough of events and crises to last me a while. ;-) Belated Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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