Tuesday, November 02, 2010

More prayers needed

Mini update: they found some sort of mass in her abdomen, and sent a tissue sample to be biopsied.

I can't get away from that freaking word "biopsy" this year. Geesh. Well, here's hoping Mini's results are as benign as mine were. Results are expected back in 7-10 days (counting from Saturday), so we're in for another long week (to go with the one I spent waiting for MY results to come back).

Medical decisions will be made based on what the test shows. But as far as I'm concerned, in the worst case scenario, I'm perfectly willing to engage in palliative care for as long as quality time can be procured for her. Mini's loved not just by me, but all over the neighborhood where we walk, not to mention by my family and friends.

But what I REALLY want, of course, is to be able to give her a nice LONG happy retirement here with me. She's such a great little dog.

She, meanwhile, is her normal happy self: interested in everything, craving doting, bouncing off the walls with joy when I pick up the leash, eating voraciously. I can't see any symptoms of illness in her behavior or her demeanor at all. So that gives me hope that whatever's going on, it's not impacting her health at this time. Here's praying it's benign, so we can just get the heck rid of the mass and go on with life.

Geeze. What a freaking year this has been.

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