Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Spectrum, I'll miss you

Dear Spectrum,

I would be there to bid you goodbye today, if I could. They're having the ceremony at Broad and Pattison to honor the building one last time, before the wrecking ball delivers its first strike, even as I type. But in no way am I medically ready to travel a mile and sit or stand in the cold in a huge, and I do mean HUGE, crowd.

So I am watching the ceremony on TV.

I will miss the Spectrum forever. It's a part of my earliest memory, in fact. I remember standing in the back seat of my grandpop's car, looking at the metal framework of girders when the building was under construction. Given the timeline of the Spectrum's construction, I can calculate that I was about 2 years old when that memory took place.

And heck... I almost went out a week before the Spectrum did. See the previous post (which for some reason came up without text when I posted from the cell phone, so I've repaired it). But fortunately, I'm still here, so I'm bidding the building goodbye as best I can, at home watching on TV.

And no wrecking ball can ever take the memories away. Those will stay with me forever, even as the building itself joins them in the realm of memory. So, Long Live the Spectrum. They can take the physical building away, but the memories will continue for all time.

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