Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Here we go

Well, it's Tuesday the 16th, which means it's Go Time. I report later this morning to the hospital for surgery. If all goes well, I can expect to come home on Thursday or Friday.

Mark has the rest of the week off, so he'll be holding down the fort at home where the Fuzz Committee is concerned. Fortunately, Mini is doing MUCH better on her new medication, and I showed Mark tonight how I pill her: it involves hiding the pill in some cheese. A few OM NOM NOMs later, the dog's been medicated. :-)

Captain, Stanley, and Mini are ALL probably going to be hounding Mark for attention. He's going to have to learn to pet three critters while having only two hands. ;-)

I hope to have my cell phone with me at the hospital, so I hope to post an update from there.

Good night!

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