Friday, November 12, 2010

Poor Mini

What a dreadful past few days. Mini started exhibiting pain of some sort overnight on Tuesday. Even though she seemed herself on Wednesday morning, by the afternoon she was crying out in pain when she tried to lie down or get back up. I was having a hard time determining where the pain actually was, but I could tell she was in extreme discomfort.

I called the vet clinic that treated her a few days ago, but they don't have a vet in there on Wednesdays. I made an appointment for Thursday afternoon, their first available opening, and in the meantime started dosing her with the leftover extra Tramadol from her treatment on 10/30.

Long story short: Mini has some sort of degenerative disk issue in her neck, which small dogs are prone to having. What we're seeing is a flare of that condition. The vet upped Mini's Tramadol dose to 3x/day and gave me more pills.

There's an anti-inflammatory med that the vet hesitated to give me yesterday, even though it would work more quickly than the Tramadol to relieve the pain, because it's tough on the kidneys and Mini's kidney values are a bit suppressed as it is.

But after showing improvement yesterday, today my poor Munchkin Pup is having the worst difficulty yet. I had to feed her breakfast by hand, because she could barely bend her head to reach the food bowl.

There is no way I can go into the hospital in a few days with the dog in this condition. Poor Mark will have enough to do just taking care of the Critter Committee if they're all feeling well and in robust health. I can't have Mark sitting on the floor feeding the dog by hand twice a day on top of everything else.

So I have a call in to the vet. I want the anti-inflammatory for Mini. Unless it would be disastrous for her kidneys to take that med for a few days, I want to hit the "reset" button and get her back to normal ASAP so Mark only needs to worry about the normal feeding/walking regimen for her and the Royal Felines.

I can't stand to see her like this. :-( Poor little sweetheart.

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