Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I nearly didn't make it

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers. It turns out I needed them.

I had surgery on Tuesday the 16th. Afterward, my family met up with me in the hospital room. After they left, I tried to watch the end of the Flyers game, but I started dozing before it was over.

Next thing I knew, the lights were all on and the room was wall-to-wall with all kinds of doctors talking loudly. They might as well have teleported into the room, for all I knew.

Seems I'd had more pain medication given to me in the recovery room than I was capable of handling. Fortunately, the nurse had a funny feeling and went in the room to check on me at about 10:30. I was completely unresponsive and my blood oxygen levels were dropping.

So she called the Rapid Response Team and they gave an antidote to the pain medication. Boy, did I wake up. Unfortunately, I woke up in all kinds of pain, as the pain med was counteracted. But at least I was breathing, a habit I've become rather fond of over the past 47 years or so. So there are some tradeoffs that are worth making.

The last thing on my mind before I fell asleep was among the first things I thought of on being revived: "Do you know the final score of the Flyers game? I fell asleep before it ended." That got a laugh out of the small army of medical personnel in the room. :-)

I got sent down to the Telemetry floor for a while, so they could monitor more vital signs than I ever knew existed. I felt like I was connected to half the equipment in the hospital. for a while there. But bit by bit, I gave them the test results they were looking for so they were able to gradually stop monitoring things and eventually send me back to my original floor.

All this adventure is partly why I came home on Sunday night instead of Thursday, as originally hoped. But the big thing is, I came home.

And I came home minus the fibroid that weighed 7.9 lbs and was about the size of a football. Win/win.

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