Thursday, December 02, 2010

We went to a frustrating Flyers game tonight. The Flyers lost 3-0 to Boston. I was glad to be there, as it was my first game since the surgery, but I do wish we'd have had a goal or three to cheer for. It was especially frustrating to watch some great chances around Boston's net come to nothing.

We sat in the accessible seating, as I don't think I'm quite up to climbing stairs to our regular seat yet. But it was good to get the heck out of the house, win or lose. I've been getting cabin fever lately.

I'm sort of sore now, after all that activity, but I'll deal with it. I'm not so sore that I think I messed anything up. The abdominal muscles are griping, occasionally stridently, but it seems more like they're objecting to having been used, rather than warning of new damage. So I'll head for the ibuprofen/Tramadol combo and call it a night in a little while.

I did learn something interesting tonight. The same abdominal muscles that are sore are the ones I use to holler and cheer. Producing any vocalization with any kind of volume turned out to be a source of discomfort. I suspect that singing would cause the same issue. The reason that's a relevant consideration is that I've been talking with our parish's new choir director about rejoining once I'm recovered from surgery. Looks like that plan will need to wait until my abdomen's in a bit better condition than this. If I can't even holler "Yeah!" without pain, singing an entire song at any volume beyond "under my breath" won't be much fun right now.

My mom warned me today that to really recover from surgery takes at least 6-8 weeks. So by my count, I've got at least another 4-6 weeks of recuperation to go. Here's hoping that's ALL it is. I really want to start the new year feeling like a human being.

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