Sunday, December 26, 2010


I'm dreaming of a white... day after Christmas? That might not be how the song goes, but it's how our weather pattern is proceeding.

Mass was in the downstairs church today instead of being upstairs. That was a smart move on the pastor's part, because although the snow had not begun by the time Mass started, by the time we were exiting church, the flakes were falling. If you've seen the big stone steps outside the church, you'll understand why Father didn't want to risk having people walking on those steps while slick with snow or wet with salt and water. That would have to be filed under "accident waiting to happen", especially with older parishoners whose reflexes and balance might not be what they once were.

So we missed out on one day of seeing the pretty upper Church for Mass, but we made up for it by NOT having anyone see any ambulances or emergency rooms due to taking a spill on stone steps. It's a tradeoff worth making.

So I've heard predictions of anywhere from 6-10 inches to 8-12 inches for this storm, depending on what source I was listening to. Which probably means that there'll be snow left on the sidewalks, to some extent, by the time the Mummers Parade kicks off on New Year's Day (I HOPE. That's presuming the weather's good on Saturday). I do hope Mother Nature gets this snow stuff out of her system by New Year's Day. I hate when the parade gets postponed.

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