Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I saw the doctor who's filling in for my surgeon.

She took a look at the two problem spots on the incision. (One, I didn't think was particularly bad, but the other one was the area I suspected had gotten infected.) She applied peroxide, did I-know-not-what to help the less-nasty of the two spots drain, and trimmed down the one trailing thread that was protruding from the "worse" spot.

I think that thread was at least part of the reason why an infection was starting to set in. So I'm glad that she took care of it.

Then she gave me the new regimen: peroxide, OTC antibiotic ointment, gauze bandages instead of band-aids, and warm compresses. That sounds easy enough.

I'm glad I went in right away, while over-the-counter remedies are still able to be a solution. If I'd tried to wait it out, who knows what they'd have had to do to fix the problem. I've seen people end up in the hospital on antibiotics for bad infections. No thanks. I've had enough of hospitals to last me a while.

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