Saturday, March 14, 2009

My mom worked at the various incarnations of the CPO Mess, Enlisted Mess, and Officers' Club at the Naval Base for many years. Needless to say, she amassed quite the collection of funny stories over that period of time. :)

One such story was about a party that one of the sites was catering. A worker who happened to have a heavy foreign accent was the one who placed the order for the inscription on the birthday cake.

On the day of the event, one of the waitresses approached my mom and said, "We can't serve this cake".

My mom asked why, and was shown that the inscription on the cake was "HAPPY BUFFDAY". Whoooops... LOL!

Last night, we had a similar inscription incident. Joe's twin aunts, Phyllis and Josie, were celebrating their 84th birthday together. There wasn't enough room to write "Happy 84th Birthday Phyllis and Josie" on the cake, so the family decided to go with "Happy 84th Birthday Twins" instead.

Except... well, have a look at the photo I posted last night. The nice little old Sicilian lady who inscribed the cake had a slight spelling issue. "Happy 84th Birthday Twinses". :)

This is the same bakery that we got the Brutti e Buoni cookies from, and like everything else they make, the cake was outstanding. Who cares about misspellings when the cake tastes that good?

Still -- dessert AND a new humorous story, all at the same time. I'd call yesterday a productive day. :)

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