Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Latest

Mark and I met 14 years ago today. :) So today is officially A Good Day.

Yesterday, Mark noticed that one of our neighbors was having a tree planted, These were the people who had a very young tree last summer, only to see its root system get damaged by the excessive heat when our whole street was resurfaced and huge flame-spewing equipment was brought in to melt and smooth the blacktop,

I had been hoping that the tree would make a recovery, but its owners apparently had reason to believe that it needed to be replaced, If I were them, I would have tried to have the Streets Department foot the bill for replacing the tree, since it was their resurfacing process that fried the poor little tree's roots.

For the record, our tree lost a bunch of streetside leaves from the heat, but it recovered fully. However, it's been in that spot for nine years, so it's had plenty of time to develop a strong root system that could withstand a limited amount of damage, The neighbors' little tree, besides being a wee thing whose trunk could be encircled by a thumb and forefinger, was only in place for a few months at most. It hadn't anywhere near enough time to sprout sufficient roots to survive a major trauma.

The good news is that the new tree won't be subjected to the same mishap that doomed its predecessor, I doubt we'll see the entire street dug up and resurfaced for some years to come,

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