Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I have edited a ton of photos and sent them to be printed at Target, via Flickr.

I just hope that the dimensions of my digital photos, and the cropping I did on said images, look good when I have them printed in 4x6 format. Otherwise, I am going to have to redo a bunch of images and boy, will I be steamed. But let's not borrow trouble.

The only drawback here is that unlike Ritz Camera, whose "1 hour printing" actually MEANS one hour when you submit pics online, in my case since I submitted >100 photographs they need 24 hours' processing time. Beans. But if the pics come out looking good, then it will be worth the wait.

Interestingly, unlike Ritz Camera's online photo submission, Flickr/Target does not have you pay in advance. You pay when you pick the photos up. Ritz has you pay online at the time you submit the order, and then you just show up in the store with the receipt and pick them up. (Which allowed me to send Mark to get prints picked up in Center City a couple years ago; I had already paid, but couldn't get to the actual site to pick them up. He was able to walk there on his lunch hour, receipt in hand, and get the prints for me.)

By tomorrow, or Thursday morning at the latest, I'll be able to post on here whether the photos came out to my liking. Let us hope.

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