Friday, March 27, 2009

The tests are done

We were finished with the testing in a little over an bour, so that was good.

Most of what we got back was good. A couple items like low HDL (the good cholesterol) and elevated triglycerides, we both got and we can do the same things to get those numbers back in line. (Such as figure out what to add or subtract from our daily diets.)

The Full Report will be snail-mailed to us in 21 days, so we can review the results with our family physician.

We're both still in one piece with no apparent signs of osteoporosis or arterial blockages, thank goodness.

When I talk the results over with the doc, I'll ask what other tests I should take that WEREN"T included on the blood panel that was done today. Might as well get anything else done that should be done, so any and all results will go into my chart at approximately the same time.

I do hate fasting blood work, though. I sure am glad that's over with. (For now, lol.)

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