Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Mark and I have been dueling with green laser pointers for the past few days. As a result, the house has been a Green-Dot-Fest. For example, Mark was working on taxes in the dining room, and I aimed the laser pointer at the chandelier. The whole dining room glittered with a constellation of green dots. :)

This morning, after Mark exited the front door on his way to work, I headed to the front window and shone the green dot on his car. He got in the car and was greeted by the green dot was on the dashboard. I even managed to get the dot on his car keys, which reflected brightly enough that I could see them from the house. Mark responded by aiming his green pointer back at me. Stanley, who was in the window watching all this, wound up with a green dot in his fur.

Hey, didn't we have a President (Bush I) who talked about the "thousand points of light"? Well, Mark and I can account for two of those. All we need now is to find the other 998. :D

BTW, the cats are highly entertained by both the green and the red laser pointers that we have in the house. In particular, Captain favors the red dot, though he'll follow the green one around, too. Stanley likes the dots, too, but he'll give place to his brother if Captain is stalking the same point of light that Stanley is after.

So anyway, if you're anywhere near either one of us, you could end up with a green dot on you at any moment. Consider yourself forewarned. :D

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