Wednesday, December 05, 2007

This morning was my doctor's appointment. Recap: I'm extremely pleased with my blood pressure numbers. Yes, it took meds to get the numbers into the right range, but the dose is obviously the right one because the BP has been pretty much stable (and in the desired range) for the past few years.

I got prescriptions, and referrals, for X-Rays and for a podiatrist. The X-Rays were a no-brainer; I pretty much expected that would be part of the outcome of the visit. The recommendation that I go to a podiatrist surprised me a bit. But frankly, with the medical history this ankle has, what SHOULD surprise me is that I didn't wind up in a podiatrist's office *years* ago. If I hadn't toughed out some of the worst sprains (note: plural, not singular) Back in the Day, and had seen an MD after any one of them, I'd probably already have been to a specialist by now.

Bless the doctor's heart, he even faxed a prescription for ibuprofen to my neighborhood pharmacy, so I wouldn't have to haul myself there in deteriorating weather and drop a paper Rx off to be filled.

And the weather IS deteriorating. I saw an isolated snowflake or two during my drive to the doctor's, but at that point it was really just cloudy, not snowing. Not so by the time my appointment was over a couple hours later; it's currently snowing merrily away. Fortunately, it's the big wet snowflakes that tend to melt on contact with the pavement or street. But it IS sticking on cars and lawns, and if the temps drop or the snowflakes change consistency, we might end up with a dusting or more on the ground when all is said and done. (And with this funky ankle, I want to walk around on any amount of snow like I want a hole in the head. Freaking weather.)

Anyway, that's the latest news from these parts. That, plus I think I only have one more present to buy and then I'm done Christmas shopping. Hooray for point-and-click shopping.

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