Sunday, December 23, 2007

During our drive to bring Joey D home from an evenng at Joe M's, I could think of only one thing I would like to tell the people who've adorned their lawns with various lighted Christmas displays:

Would you PLEASE pick a theme and stick with it? If you want to go with a religious/Nativity scene, fine; please put up ONLY Nativity figures, angels, and the Star of Bethlehem. If you want to have a more secular theme, fine; there are plenty of North-Pole-related or generically winter-oriented decorations to choose from. But please make the two motifs mutually exclusive; to do otherwise just looks silly. To wit: there were no snowmen in the Little Town of Bethlehem, there were no reindeer in the stable where the Holy Infant lay wrapped in swaddling clothes, and the Three Magi did not bring the baby Jesus candy canes, toy soldiers, etc.

Sorry, but the lighted Nativity scene I saw, that was immediately adjacent to a big lighted red octagon proclaiming SANTA STOP HERE" in bold white letters... that was just over the top. Mary and Joseph did not, repeat, DID NOT put out a sign inviting the Jolly Old Elf to pay them a visit.

So remember, religious ornaments are fine, and secular ornaments are fine. But please see that the twain are kept separated. Thank you.

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